Performing Arts

The arts are so powerful to touch the human heart and soul. Not only do they communicate human emotion, but they can also communicate the message of truth in ways that mere words cannot. When used for the Kingdom of God, they are a powerful tool that can reach people when conventional methods fail. A person might be unwilling to attend church, but they might go to a concert. A friend may be unwilling to listen to a sermon, but they might listen to a song. A coworker may not want to discuss religion, but they might go to a theatrical production. And for those who already know God and walk with Him, Christian arts strengthen our faith and encourage our souls. Unfortunately, we've all seen examples of Christian art done poorly, or in a hokey manner. Our desire is to produce art in excellence and beauty.         

Goals for the Future:

1.) FreedomTruth Ministries desires to host music concerts and theatrical performances in the Tulsa area that glorify God and build His Kingdom. Initially, we would likely use a facility belonging to another church/organization, but our ultimate goal is to acquire or lease a building in the Tulsa area to serve as a concert and performance hall. It would be used to facilitate and celebrate the expression of arts that glorify Jesus and proclaim His truth. If this is something you would like to help make reality, please contact us through this website.  


2.) Record Label (more info to come)

3.) Theatrical Production Company (more info to come)

4.) Annual Music Festival (more info to come)