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FreedomTruth Radio

For the first 20 years of his career, CEO Josh Lindamood worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer and program manager.  He walked the shop floor and rubbed shoulders with the men who worked there - welders, riveters, sheet metal mechanics, assembly workers, etc.  At some places, there was enough spiritual interest to start a Bible study.  At other places, there was not.  He began to wonder:  Is there a way to reach these men on a large scale?  These are the blue-collar men who form the backbone of America.  They build the roads you drive on, the house you live in, the office building you work in, the car you drive in, the airplane you travel in - they work hard and they play hard.  For many of them, church is something their wife or girlfriend does, but they really don't have much interest.  How can they be reached for Jesus?


One thing Josh noticed:  all of them played music in their work spaces (and it wasn't soft worship music).  This is where the idea of FreedomTruth Radio was born.   

Goals for the Future:

1.) The near-term goal is to create an online radio station with a Christian rock music format.  There are many fantastic, talented Christian rock bands that create solid music - but they do not receive mainstream exposure or airplay because they don't fit into the niches of modern worship or Christian pop music. FreedomTruth Radio's programming would be based on their art. Intermixed between songs would be spoken words of truth - God's truth presented in a direct and masculine way. The station's programming would also include humor and creative soundbites that make the radio experience fun and enjoyable. We are fishers of men, and we will use good music and good programming as the bait.

The online radio format is attractive because it is relatively inexpensive to create and operate, and has a nation-wide reach.  It is not limited by signal coverage like conventional radio. If this is something you would like to help make reality, please contact us through this website.  


2.) Our long-term goal is traditional broadcast radio. While online radio has many advantages and low-cost operation, it is not a true replacement for broadcast radio - both are best when working in tandem with each other. The goal would be to start with a station in Tulsa and then add repeater stations as God provides.   

Broadcast radio is expensive, requiring physical facilities and a staff of people to run the station. The dream is big, but our God is bigger. As we have said on this website: this is a marathon, not a sprint. We are willing to wait upon Him to bring all good things to pass. If this is something you would like to help make reality, please contact us through this website.