Street at Night

Homeless Ministry

Homelessness is a growing issue in Tulsa and the homeless population grows larger each year.  The epicenter of this population is found at the intersection of Archer & Denver, in the northwest corner of downtown Tulsa.  The Salvation Army Center of Hope, John 3:16 Mission, Tulsa Day Center, and Iron Gate Ministry are found in this part of downtown.  On N. Elwood, north of the train tracks, a large tent "city" exists where the homeless survive as best they can.  It's a place where the light of Jesus is desperately needed.  


Tulsa is an awesome community.  This city is very generous and charitable.  The homeless charities provide fantastic services, and many churches and organizations come downtown and provide food and clothing to the homeless.  This is God's work, and Tulsa does it well - just one of the reasons why we love this city!  This is why FreedomTruth Ministries has chosen to focus on spiritual ministry to the homeless, as the physical ministry appears to already be very well taken care of.  Jesus said, "What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet forfeit their own soul?"  While it is fantastic many homeless find food and clothing in Tulsa, their deepest need is to find freedom and life in Jesus.  This truly is spiritual warfare, fighting against the powers of darkness over the souls of men and women.


FreedomTruth Ministries currently performs chapel services at the Salvation Army Center of Hope every week on Wednesday evenings.  We also perform street ministry on Wednesday mornings near the intersection of N. Elwood & Archer.  These ministries include performance of gospel music, talking with people about Jesus, praying with people, and handing out gospel literature & devotional booklets.


If you'd like to be involved in the Wednesday morning or evening ministries, please contact us through the website. 

Goals for the Future:

1.) A long-term goal is to see a street church established in the northwest corner of downtown Tulsa - a street church specifically for the poor & homeless in Tulsa.  This would require a building or storefront in the immediate area with personnel & funds to operate it.  A church of the poor & homeless, by the poor & homeless, for the poor & homeless.  As with all things, we are dependent on the providence & provision of God.  If this is something you would like to help make reality, please contact us through this website.

2.) Another large, long-term goal is to see a residential/job-training center established that would provide a 2-year training program to homeless men.  This would require a facility separate from downtown, away from the negative influences that are present in that area.  The general idea is to take in a group of men every year.  In the 1st year, the men would receive training in blue-collar trades (welding, forklift operation, carpentry, etc.), spiritual discipleship, therapeutic counseling, treatment for substance abuse, etc. while living at the facility.  After the 1st year, we would partner with local businesses to find them employment.  During the 2nd year, they would continue to live at the facility while they work their new job and learn life skills - how to cook, how to grocery shop, how to budget their money, how to clean and properly do laundry, etc.  During this time, we would help them manage their earned money and build savings to enable them to rent an apartment & afford transportation when they leave after their 2nd year.  After departure, we would continue to provide guidance and assistance - providing them every opportunity to succeed in life so long as they are willing and cooperative.  We freely admit this is a huge goal and we trust God for His blessing & provision - all in His good timing.  For us, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  If this is something you would like to help make reality, please contact us through this website.